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1 Monitoring, 2 Amarok – JuK

I know I was hardly working on JuK lately (not at all to be true), due to other favoured projects as building a own agent based system monitoring framework. I’ve given up that task though, it’s a lot of quite complex work doing this cross-platform (all flavours of unix and windows, mainframe interfaces etc).
Also, I completely underestimated the “pro-active monitoring” suites, which is basically easy if you do it protocol based, but a lot of harder concept-wise.
Besides that it’s a lot of work, I proved my current concepts quite wrong, and have no intention to start over from the start there again.

I decided I’ll work some on JuK again. I was using Amarok lately, because all people say it “rocks”. Maybe it “rocks”, because on my desktop it does play rock (metal) music. But the application itself? I don’t know. I have not succeeded yet getting Amarok to play my playlist randomly, and repeat the playlist. I can just “sort” it randomly by clicking, what’s not too nice in my eyes, while I couldn’t find the “repeat playlist” at all, not even after spending 30 minutes looking + using google. I’m pretty disappointed about that.

So – what’s next? I’ll move on now, no, not away of KDE, but back to JuK. I’ve plans spending some time again there, and I’ll definitely start out porting the last parts of JuK to Qt4 before messing around with other stuff (playlist management in example). I’d also like to make some changes to the UI, especially the playlist / collection management, but I’m not sure how many guys would disagree with that :-).

Anyway, I decided I’ll take the task of finishing the port, to get it pushed by mpyne again, and will apply for an SVN account then. I’ll go on porting first to see if I really have enough time contributing to KDE.

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