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Is KDE moving too fast?

Well, can anything move too fast? I’ve some concerns about KDE and KDE Development speed, or rather the speed features are added.

I recently tried KDE 4.4 SC RC2 (or better, I’m using it as my main desktop). Of course, this is not the final 4.4.0 version, and not even the last one of 4.4.x series.
Allthough, what I realized, it was a huge performance drop on my systems compared to 4.3. Also, it really has a bunch of smaller bugs. The good side is, all bugs I looked for were already reported, even when most were not marked release critical (they are not, so +1 there).

KDE implements new technology very fast, and really gives you a bleeding edge desktop. This probably is needed, so you can get a desktop fitting the time we’re living in.
In my position, I’m using a Dell Latitude E5500 with a Intel 4500 HD graphics card.I disabled all desktop effects (since the hardware is lacking performance in Linux, and the latest Intel drivers are really getting rather worse than better as they promised). Anyway, my system in idle with no applications opened eats up to 15-20 % CPU (of both CPU cores) by default, and after some usage about 2 GB RAM (all I have), what’s quite a lot to me, and generally does not feel as if it was responding quick enough. Nowdays, dolphin needs up to 10 seconds starting up, with an almost empty home directory (6 folders 2 files).

This makes me think on: How’s KDE moving lately? A lot of new features, quite quick release cycles. That’s nice, allthough, is enough time spent in fixing bugs in the cycles? Is there enough drive for performance of the desktop? Computers are evolving, and my system starts to grow old already as well, but I had no intentions buying a new laptop with 6 gb ram and some GeForce graphics card in the near future.

Of course, everyone should go with the time. But thinking on how everybody was trampling on Windows Vista for it’s hardware hungryness – KDE currently is far beyond that.

I hope the best, and still hope the KDE Community and Contributors can prove me wrong about that.

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