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QtWvDialer – Port or KPPP?

Due to the reason that I use a very unstable and annoying dailup hsdpa connection (YeY, thanks to Orange for this, the carriers keep kicking me), I’ve been using QtWvDialer over KPPP.

What are the Reasons for this? KDE does provide a tool?

  • kppp only provides two initialization strings. That’s bad, because my modem requires 3 to switch from UMTS to HSDPA
  • It doesn’t reconnect on connection loss, rather showing an error message (annoying, due to being Orange customer)

Nowdays, I’m thinking on two things. I dislike the current code and structure of QtWvDialer, even the fact it’s still Qt3. I’ve thought about a kind of fork, or refactoring of QtWvDialer, switching it to Qt4, adding some nice things (as systemtray support, i hate windows floating around everywhere of things which should be in the background).

Also, I could just improve KPPP, adding some nice features (in example as many init strings as you like to have), improving the traffic log, improving the pppd error handling, supporting uatomatic reconnects.

Both options are challanging, and would be really great. I think people would love having KPPP improved rather. QtWvDialer is a perfect option for UMTS/HSDPA, but wouldn’t it be nice if a desktop shipped something capable?

How about KPPP shipping pre-set configurations (as init-strings) for companies? I think users would like to contribute there, making the desktop experience in KDE or generally Linux a lot of easier for users, who don’t want to be bugged with internals.

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