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Always backup your own branches


Sometimes, bad things happen. Most likely, it’s yourself making mistakes. Yesterday, Michael told me that for the covermanager patch there were missing two files – covermanagermodel.h and covermanagermodel.cpp – in one of the reviews I published. Obviously I forgot to add them to svn before doing a svn diff.

Even worse than that was, that I deleted the branch already (why did I do this? Am I insane? to save some mb space?). Anyway, due to that, I lost the two files. The good part was that they’ve only about 80 lines of code together, so not much to rewrite. But what did you think, about two month ago, when you wrote this lines? Since I couldn’t remember I had to rewrite the covermanager patch from scratch. I bet it’s better now anyway :D.

This is a warning, ALWAYS backup the branches until they’re commited to SVN by the maintainers. That can save you some time, in my case just about an hour, but what if it was a larger patch?

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  • Hi Peter,Awesome work on Dolphin. I think Dolphin is the shining exlpmae for how to do usability right without dumbing down an application. I really only have one major issue with Dolphin, and that is performance on some systems. Here at work I’ve got a Core 2 Duo 6700 running Debian unstable with a Geforce 7600 using the proprietary nvidia drivers. Dolphin flies, and I have no issues. At home I have two laptops, and Dolphin is kinda slow on both of them. One is a Athlon XP 3200+ with an Ati Xpress 200m (open source drivers) and it takes quite a while to load folders and scrolling the view (by using the arrow keys) is a bit choppy. I saw that you fixed the size calculation code which should help on folder load in the last commit digest though.THen I have an EeePC running KDE4. And it seems that something in Qt4 or KDE4 really doesn’t agree with the Eee. Painting performance is awful. If I scroll the view in dolphin with the arrow keys, the view won’t update at all. Just the scroll bar moves until a second after I let go of the arrow keys. It’s just about unusable. Strange too, because with the open source drivers I would think that Qt would be decently fast (kwin compositing disabled). Not sure what you meant by smooth scrolling. Dolphin seems to scroll normally (in increments) for me.

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