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Back from vacations

Woooho, back from my vacations. It was a great time in Croatia – I love that country, the people, the sea – just everything. I’ve been on the island Hvar (2nd time already) which has been very nice.

I did some deep water soloing, and plan to do so again next year. It’s just great, a lot of fun. Next to that, I really relaxed a lot, read several books (NON technical ones, except the python book which I wanted to finish for over a year now). Pictures of my vacations will be uploaded later, as soon as I got them. I was intelligent enough to buy a water protection for my camera, sadly, it broke on the cliffs, and by jumping into the water, my camera broke as well. A friend of us made some more pictures, which I’ll get some time. As soon as I receive them there will be picture time here.

All the holiday and relaxing thing means – I’m back, with new power, and intentions to get my last tasks done.

I’ve not gotten any step further in my holidays on removing k3support in JuK. Even though, I had my laptop with me and a bunch of time, I simply didn’t have any intention to work at all (to be true, I didn’t even take the laptop out of the car), but rather enjoyed the sea, spare time, and people and beer there.

Sadly it seems as if the version for the next major release of KDE has been reached, at least I guess so, since Michael wrote that in his svn commit, and I’m not really aware of all the release politics in KDE – and I’m not really interested in those things (thanks Michael for caring :D).

The good point, he finally pushed my patches, means I don’t have to work on 4 different versions of JuK (having no local branches in this case is hard, and for some reason I’m not really satisfied with git-svn :D), and I really want to work on the last huge patch of JuK, removing all remaining k3support. It’s pushing me that I want to work on features instead of porting, so I’m very motivated finishing this one.

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