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Amarok vs JuK – aka “wasting your time”.

Did you ever wonder “Why the heck there is JuK? Why are there guys working on it?”? I’ve been asked this question some times now when I told somebody I’m spending time on JuK. But what is the reason for this? Basically nobody bothers using JuK.

Of course, we know that there is Amarok around.  We know it has a lot of more features, and is a better MP3 Player than JuK will ever be. Maybe, Amarok will replace JuK one day in KDE, even though, I don’t know why it is not replaced already. I think the Amarok team doesn’t want to handle with the KDE release management, but have their own.

Well, I’ve my reasons to develop JuK. First of all, I use it as a MP3 player. It’s my favorite for NOT having a lot of options, it just works, and just plays music.  That’s important to me, allthough, I also have Amarok installed, using it when I can’t use JuK because I work on it at this time.

The second reason is, that JuK needs quite a lot of work. It needs to be ported to KDE4 (remove k3support, which I have pretty much now). Also it would be needed rewriting the JuK backends, the interface could need some love as well, an options dialog would be great and so on. So you see, there’s a lot of interesting stuff to do. Stuff, I’ve never done before, never bothered with, things I don’t know, new things.

Even when I’m not getting along as I’d like to (my social life is time hungry), I can learn a lot of stuff working some on JuK. Even when nobody bothers using the program, I’ve fun developing it, I like it, and I want to learn by working with people as Michael (who’s a really great guy, as the rest of the KDE community).

As you can see, mostly selfish reasons. Yea, I’m a selfish person from this point of view, because I probably could help somewhere what really matters. The thing is, it’s my free time, I can do what ever I want, and I currently like what I’m spending the little spare time I can enjoy in front of the PC on.

Not said, that I won’t move on one day. If JuK gets replaced as the “default”, I probably will be looking for something else to do, or I keep with JuK. But until then, I enjoy my free time on what I want.

And now please stop asking “why the heck are you wasting your time?”. I don’t waste it, I enjoy it, and can learn within that, and I’m learning Qt and some KDE development (and Qt is a great framework). Just because I’ve developed much more complex things in the past, doesn’t mean I enjoyed it nor it means that I always want to keep on with projects I’ve been working on for almost 7 years now. Yes, I had a lot of fun writing the firewire drivers for industrial cameras, yes I had a lot of fun in image manipulation and cascade calculation, object recognition, AI systems and so on. It was just time to move on, to do something different. I enjoyed working with you, all of you (no names). You’re a great bunch of guys, but please consider that you’re paid for that, I am not. I spend my spare time on what ever I want, and my personal interests changed.


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