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Life is like an endlessly recursive fractal of perverse pain and suffering. – downtime

My server was running low on ressources. For this reason, I installed more ram to the server. Sadly, my provider made a “mistake”, or at least I don’t know what exactly happened.

I ran kernel on that machine, and for some reason pacman and httpd were crashing. It took me about 3 hours finding the cause. Now my provider installed a new kernel for the box, and it’s everything working again.

If anybody needs a good german service provider for virtual servers, is your way to go. They have great, cheap offers, and a really great support which responds within minutes (!!!).

I’m there now for about 3 years, and it’s the first problem I ever experienced, so it’s a very stable provider as well. They are offering a lot of linux distributions you can equip your server with, you can choose the distribution by a web interface, you can have backup services for a little fee as well, the servers perform great, and you have exclusive ram.

Advertise mode off, but I’m once again just happy I have a provider like them.

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