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JuK – Progress?

None! Yea, I’m a bit lazy lately. I’ve started two new things in JuK development.

First of all, I’m still on removing k3support of the playlist. This is a quite huge task, and even needs a little part of refactoring the playlist down even to the core playlist.cpp which uses klistviewitems.

Secondly, I started refactoring the backend to something more modular. The current layout not existing abstraction of the playlist from the caching backend (not providing a clean api to use) is blocker for implementing mutiple backend interfaces as a QSLITE or MySQL interface, or even other data storage caches.
Also it makes it nearly impossible to thread the playlist reading, or to make the playlist “fetchmore” compatible. The first step on this which I’ll take is to split the data backends clearly from the main playlist handling code of JuK Also, it must be considered how to handle playlists in the future. Different data backends provide different posisblities.

I hope one day, as soon as those basic things are solved, we can move on improving JuK in a visible way.

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