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Nokia, Microsoft, Qt, the future and so on

Well, a lot of things have been posted, and some really good concerns have been brought up by the community of Qt, KDE and others about Qt, the future, startup companies and so on.

Well, to the point, the concerns are right now not really justified.
* Qt is open source, and a lot of companies, no really small ones as Intel, Skype, Adobe etc. do have interest in it.
* MeeGo finds itself being of high interest to Intel, ZTE and others
* Nokia has to bet the next two years on Qt and Symbian, so Qt will be maintained, and it will improve.
* Nokia sees Qt / MeeGo as their “next” big thing, as a R&D project though, but who says that half a billion US Dollars a year to MeeGo is that bad? Certainly, it is less than it was, but it’s not as if it would die.

For Nokia, Qt and MeeGo will not be the primary goal for the next few years. We know that, and it will have impact. But don’t overreact on this, the time to recognize when it’s time for a port of Qt is far in the future. Nokia still shows interest in MeeGo, as a project and as a platform. The ones to be disappointed are those at Intel. They have had a good bet on Nokia to ship Smartphones using Intel Chipsets with their High-End smartphones.

Well, I would say: Keep watching closely. But stay calm.

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