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Life is like an endlessly recursive fractal of perverse pain and suffering.

And the winner is: xf86-video-intel

At least for the Linux game of the year award. I rarely had so much fun with anything else but the intel drivers lately.

So, what is wrong? Well, besides that dual-head doesn’t work any longer in the new version (2.13.0), you also get a lot of lockups when using desktop effects (at least in KDE). I had to disable the desktop effects again to be able to use the desktop at all (having a freeze every few minutes isn’t much fun when you want to work).

I wonder where their testing squad is before the releases? 4 times a year a few weeks holidays, right before a release? I mean this lockups and problems are nothing new to the whole community, and it takes ages now to fix the most critical parts. Instead of fixing, they introduce new errors and problems every release.

I hope they really get their drivers on track soon, it really starts to annoy me. I love free software, and Intels commitment by providing open source drivers at all, but there must be a way to provide better working drivers than the current one, especially for a company as intel.

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