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Monthly Archives: October 2009

News? None :D

I’ve been very busy lately, due to 3 of my colleges being on vacation, I was always quite broke coming home from work. I rather spent some time with a book or watching TV than developing, because developing isn’t really that relaxing.

So, what’s going on. I started working on the last patch for JuK again, but didn’t really get much along. I fixed a couple of bugs in QTiNT, which is quite nice. Allthough, the progress could be better, the model / view of the Tree still isn’t implemented properly. But the tree loading and XML parsing is done.

Next, I’m doing quite fine by not smoking anymore. Currently, it’s easier than I thought.

I’ll blog as soon as there are real news again.

Quit Smoking … ouch

I finally decided I should quit smoking. It’s not really for the financial point, but rather for my health, and even more important – I always disliked how cold smoke smells.

So, I decided to do some softlaser therapy, and since my arranged date was today, I quit smoking yesterday.

Today in the morning I got a call .. the guy who should do my therapy is ill. Now I’m stuck .. still not smoking, but quite nervous. Let’s see how long I hold that one .. it’s just about not smoking a week until I can do my therapy … but will I still need it then? If I can survive without getting weak, I could do it longer.