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Monthly Archives: September 2009

QTiNT Refacturing

Yea, right. Not even the basic features are done, and I’m already refactored the first time. I’ve found some real issues with the former code design, and decided to refactor those parts.

This sadly means, that I havn’t been implementing any additional features. I personally like the code design better now, and it’s easier to handle http connections and parallel processing without a endless-queue effect.

I have completely implemented tree loading and the XML parsing of the tree for now. Actually, the displaying part is missing, even when the classes (TreeModel, TreeItem) are already written. Allthough I decided not to continue there, but do some additional http transfer stuff and parsing for the “basic claims data”, means the data defining things in the client like available severities and so on, which most likely also will include a rewrite of parts of the message frame (making it more dynamically).

oracle-xe on 64bit arch

Phew, what a run. I basically wanted to install oracle-xe with backwards compatibility libraries first. Since this didn’t work out, I installed kvm and installed it using ubuntu. Due to my wireless driver, I wasn’t able to bind ports correctly (or I was able, but I was pissed off by the long boot times :D).

Now, I decided to set up a arch32 chroot, and install oracle-xe there. It worked out quite fine on the 2nd try (made some mistakes on the first try).

So now, I have a nice system – up and running with oracle, still using 64 bit. That’s great, since I also can run some 32 bit apps which I always wanted to run on my 64bit box.

JuK – won’t continue .. for now

I won’t continue developing / porting JuK for now. The reason is quite obvious, and a very sad one. Michael has some personal difficulties, and stepped down (for now) as a Maintainer, not contributing for some time to KDE – for now. No other member of the kde-multimedia community answered my request for reviewing my patches. This most likely means, nobody is interested at all. Since I have no intentions to step in as maintainer, until Michael is back, I’ll simply wait for his return (hopefully he will be back one day).

This means, in favour of my current new playground project, I’ll drop continueing the development of JuK – at least until Michael is back.

Last but not least, Michael: Take the time you and your family need. We’re all with you with our mind, soul and heart.

For QTiNT: I didn’t get along too well. At work, I’m missing the time, due to the reason that a colleague of mine is in holidays (which causes a huge amount of workload to me *grr* – start doing things right Markus!).
I’ve been busy with getting my ubuntu 32bit kvm running for oracle-xe (couldn’t get oracle installed on arch linux, and oracle-xe which I prefer for playgrounds has no 64 bit version), and getting the server side of TiNT running on my laptop, so I can continue working at home.
I’m done so far, but it seems as if the first data import failed at some parts (views), which causes some problems which I hope to solve tomorrow, so I can work on that this weekend.
Since I don’t feel too well (I’m a bit ill), I’ll spend a lot of time at home this weekend, and should have a lot of time to get something done.

@Lore: <wave> ;-).

Something new in th Qt-World

Okay, in my last blog-post I told you I was working on a very new project. I called this Project “QTiNT”, based on the product we call “TiNT”, which has some german meaning (only trust in facts, roughly transalted).

So – what’s done so far? I’ve written a HTTP communication interface, my very own XML Parsing class for handling the XML data which I get from the server, I’ve finished my encryption class, which handles encryption and decryption of data, added some fancy configuration dialog for the proxy settings, and within that also the QSettings implementation.

The client basically has only two features: The login, and checking his first data (Views) being logged in. That’s so far not much, but I already prepared the Tree as a next step (Model, TreeItems are there, the HTTP communicaiton and XML parser for this one isn’t ready yet). Yet, it’s still a long ride until anybody could really work with it ;-).

Note: I’m only doing this project for my personal interest, and it will never be public in any way.

QTiNT Screenshot

QTiNT Screenshot